The Dark Art of Becoming S’aime Wholesaler/Distributer

If you ever thought of owning a fashion business, This Is Your Chance!

It is S’aime Malaysia 4th year since its first operation and we are extremely excited how we came this far and what’s coming up next. We have decided to share some of the valuable insights if you are interested in venturing your own business. Or, you may join us!


So… what first?

Everybody want to be their own boss, but without on-ground experience we may not know where to start off. A new venture requires passion, devotion, responsibility, and plenty of decision making ! Here is a simple checklist for you to have a deep conversation with yourself, knowing what is your greatest desire and the scale of business you are going after!


Are you convinced with the product that you are about to take up and be the spokesperson for?

It is important because setting up a business is a long-term investment and you need to be sure the brand you have chosen is trustable and sustainable in a long run.


Be realistic, how much capital do you intend to pump into this business?

You should always plan your capital and allocate them in different sectors e.g. cost of goods, shipping fee, advertising, etc. And of course, some allowance for turnover!


What is the best way to distribute your products to your desired target audience?

Depending on your business nature, you may select 1 to 2 distribution channels at first to focus and build your audience from there. Nevertheless, different channel may incur different skillset and marketing cost as well.


Different products require different storage condition, some require air-conditioned, the other needs dry and ventilated area.

I am sure you didn’t want your money and effort goes down the drain before the business even started!


What’s the difference between wholesaler and distributor?

The primary advantage of buying wholesale item is the savings one can get while purchasing in bulk. In fact, most of the companies increase their discount when customers’ orders start to grow. However, every brand offers different sales tools and packages to their wholesalers/distributors.

Here’s an example of how we work with our wholesalers/distributors at S’aime. This may differ from other companies’ operation but definitely will gives you a better insight for your upcoming plans.




Company is allowed to provide goods to other wholesalers within the same region 

Company will only provide goods to distributor within the same region

No license fee required

Annual license fee required

No rights for any promotional materials by the Company

Rights to use promotional materials by the Company

Product and staff training provided

Operation and sales analysis from other distribution channels available for reference



After all, it’s all about research and preparation because every business has their own way of managing and who knows, yours might be one of the best 😉



We are currently hunting for passionate partners at East Malaysia and other part of Southeast Asia to grow with us, let us know if you’re the one!

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