• All products shown on the official website are taken from real model shoot.
  • We strive our best to ensure every product’s measurements are as accurate as possible. Please allow 3-4cm difference from the stated measurements.
  • There might be some color differences in color/ brightness/ other details due to studio lighting and screen resolutions of your computer/ phone device.
S'AIME | Bag / Wallet & Accessories

Warranty Period: 3 months

  • All products distributed are authentic and from S’AIME Taiwan.
  • We strive our best to ensure every product’s measurements are as accurate as possible. Please allow 3-4cm difference from the stated measurements.
  • Scars on genuine leather products cannot be identified as defect or damage.
  • It is natural for the color of natural leather to darken due to humidity and light exposure.
  • Crack lines or hydrolysis may appear on the surface of synthetic leather after a period of time. It is a natural phenomenon and is advisable not to keep it unused for a long period of time, use it frequently to extend the lifespan of the bags.
  • It is also normal that hardware such as metal accessories may tarnish, come off or fade due to humidity and frictions after a period of use.
  • For every bag’s material, it is possible that stain or color fading might occur due to contact with sweat, rain, friction and so forth. Try to avoid using light-colored bags when wearing dark color outfits.
  1. Bags should be covered with dust bag and stored with dehumidifier regularly at a cool and dry place at all times.
  2. When the bag gets wet or contact with water, use clean white cotton cloth to dry the moist and place the bag at a cool, dry and ventilated area to dry naturally.
  3. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, heat, rain, humidity and acidic substances.
  4. Do not press, or weight the bag with excess or heavy items.
  5. Do not wash the bag with washing machine or place the entire bag into water for washing.
  6. Do not clean with bleach or volatile solvents.

Top Grain Leather
Top-grain leather is a high-quality product. It is produced from the hide but the outermost layer is sanded off so that any imperfection or irregularities are removed. It’s a durable product although not quite as tough as full-grain leather.

Doing this makes the leather thinner and more suitable for working and tooling by the manufacturer, so it is less costly as compared to full-grain leather. It also gets rid of any wrinkles, scars, blemishes and defects that may exist on the outer surface of the leather.

How to care:
1.  Store the item in a cool and dry place
2.  Wipe it dry using a soft clean cloth if it gets wet or spill something on it
3.  Never use heat to dry it as the leather may crack from over-drying
4.  Maintenance: Use leather moisturizer (except for original color and pink leather)

Split Leather
Split leather is unique in the sense that it’s the only type of leather made from the fibrous area of the cow hide that’s leftover from the processing of top-grain. This split leather typically has an artificial grain applied to the surface to mimic the characteristics of other, higher quality leather. It is easier to clean than Top Grain Leather due to the surface is covered with PU film and the price is more approachable.

Synthetic Leather
The synthetic leather material is environmental friendly, and comply with the provisions of international environmental organizations.

  • Cleaning method: Wipe with clean white cotton cloth
  • Maintenance: Household gentle detergent

1. Will the metal accessories oxidize or tarnish easily?
S’AIME applies double plated technique on all metal accessories on our bags.
Generally, these accessories will last at least few years without the problems stated.

2. How do I differentiate a defect item?

  • Peeling or scratches above 1 cm.
  • Severe curved or deformation.
  • Loose metal accessories.
  • Oxidized metal accessories.
  • Shortfall of metal accessories.
  • Slit at the inner lining.

3. How can I store my S’AIME bag at its best condition?
Please prepare the items below:

  • Soft bristle brush and dry cotton cloth.
  • Stain remover or other cleaning supplies.
  • Paper wads (avoid using newspaper)
  • Dust bag


1. Dry the bag, and remove dust on the bag with soft bristle brush.

2. Drip stain remover on problem area with a piece of dry cotton cloth.

3. Insert appropriate amount of paper wads to prevent condensation.

4. Place the bag into dust bag and store at cool, dry and well ventilated area.
Note: All desiccant needs to be replaced or replenished eventually.

4. What should I do with rough zippers?
Apply Vaseline on the zipper teeth to smoother your zipper in a flash.

Bonbons | Shoes

Warranty Period: None





  • 塞報紙:將鞋墊拿起後,將報紙塞入鞋內,報紙浸濕後再換乾的報紙,反覆幾次,利用報紙的吸水性吸出鞋子裡頭的積水。淺色內裡鞋款建議改使用白紙,避免報紙上的油墨染色。
  • 架高風乾:將鞋子放在陽台或是通風處風乾。可利用3-4枝竹筷或是啤酒瓶,放置於鞋子下方,將鞋子架高,讓鞋內的空氣流通,可縮短風乾時間。
  • 請專業人士處理:如果鞋子嚴重進水,或是沾到不易清潔的髒汙,請送到洗鞋店或修鞋店才能延長愛鞋的壽命喔!












  1. 購入新鞋時,可先噴上「多材質防水保養噴霧」
  2. 不能丟進洗衣機洗,即使是可水洗的帆布材質,也不建議丟洗衣機洗,會導致鞋子變形,也易讓洗衣機壞掉,得不償失。
  3. 先用軟毛刷可用來輕理鞋面灰塵及髒污;將洗滌精倒入溫水攪拌,再用硬毛刷輕洗髒污及夾縫及鞋面與鞋底交界處。
  4. 市面上有在販售的神奇清潔海綿,可依每次用量裁切適合大小,沾一點水在鞋面上及鞋底髒污處塗刷。

1. 鞋子磨腳了怎麼辦?



  • 可能是皮革過硬,建議在會磨腳位置的皮革敷上濕布使其軟化、隔著墊布用重物敲打磨腳處的皮革敲軟
  • 可能是鞋過緊了,建議使用楦鞋器將鞋頭楦寬
  • 可能是線頭問題 ,建議使用後腫貼或其他相關鞋材隔離

手工製做的鞋款或多或少都有些差異,每雙鞋子都有可能因為天氣、濕度而有些許不同,S’AIME Select 提供7天猶豫期,商品不合可在收到商品後7天內至會員中心申請退貨。

2. 為什麼會染色?




3. 高跟鞋跟為什麼會有一塊?