Lucky Bag Order Guide

Make sure you understand the order step of the Lucky Bag.


Kindly ensure you enter the correct link address:

After login, the following web page will be as follow:

PS: If your browser displays are as follow, kindly check your browser if you have installed a plugin named “AD Blocker”. If yes, disable it.


It’s time to grab your lucky bag!

Remember to refresh the webpage to see the following display.

Fill in the recipient’s information.


After completing the form, click”Submit”

PS: You also can make a wish in the comment box, exp: I wish to get No. 88 box / I like dark peach..etc (Comment area is optional,we can only try our best to fulfill your wishes.)


After submitting, the system will show submission successful as below and divert to checkout page.

You may proceed your payment if the page shown the payment page.


 If your browser shows “Submissions are closed at this time”, it means all the lucky bags are sold out, please continue clicking the submit button or refresh the webpage until we announce that all the 88 pieces of lucky bags have been sold out.


Although 88 pieces of lucky bags are sold out, it doesn’t mean that all customers have made the payment successfully. Lucky bags will released again once the customer fail to make payment within 10 minutes.


This S’AIME Lucky Bag promo only accepts payment via  VISA / MASTER / Online transfer via IPAY88. After selecting the preferred payment method, click “Pay for order”

PS: Kindly ensure your bank have sufficient balance / credit card have not issue..etc.


After the payment is completed, the page will inform you on your order confirmation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before the lucky bag promo begins.

Lucky bag 2018 T&C
  1. Only one (1) lucky bag for every checkout.
  2. Add to cart doesn’t mean it’s reserved. The product is not yours until you have successfully placed your order with payment completed. You will receive an order confirmation email once you have successfully placed the order.
  3. Only credit card/debit card and instant transfer will be accepted.
  4. Kindly ensure all of the information given is correct.
  5. Discount does not combine with any other promotions, offers and discounts (Including VIP & VVIP discount).
  6. Without payment / payment failed, the order will be cancelled automatically after 10 minutes.
  7. S’AIME Malaysia reserves all right to cancel/amend/modify the above information.
  8. Promotion items is not refundable and not exchangeable.